Q. How often do you have a sale?

A. Twice a year. The spring/summer sale is held around March and the fall/winter sale is usually held in August.

Q. Where is the sale located?

A. Both sales are held at the North Alabama State Fairgrounds in a heated and air-conditioned building. See the Map

Q. Where do we park and is there plenty of parking spaces available? 

A. The sale location is at the state fairgrounds and they have enough spaces for several thousand vehicles. 

Q. Do I have to be a consignor to shop?

A. No, anyone can shop during our public sale and admittance is free.  If you do choose to consign you get to shop before the public shops.

Q. Are children allowed during the public sale?

A. Yes, but it can get very crowded.   All children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Q. Do you have dressing rooms?

A. We don’t have dressing rooms.  There are restrooms available but we ask that you see a worker before taking items to the restrooms.

Consignor Questions

Q. Who can consign with Dittos For Kiddos?

A. Anyone can consign their children's and maternity items with us. You must bring a minimum of 15 items.  These items must be items that are from smoke-free home, current styles, and in gently used or better condition.

Q. What percentage of the sales do I receive? 

A. Consignors will receive 65% of their sales.  There will be a $8.50 advertising fee that will also be deducted from the sales amount.

Q. How do I sign up to consign? 

A. You can go to our Consignor page for instructions.

Q. Do consignors get to shop before the public shops?

A. Yes, consignors get to shop on Friday night at 5:00pm – 9:00pm before the public sale starts on Saturday.  You will receive a consignor pass at drop off and you must present that pass at the door before entering.   You will also receive a pass for one guest that can shop on Friday night starting at 7:00pm.

Q. Are children allowed at the presale?

A. Children under 12 years old are not allowed at the presales. Children 12 and over are allowed but they must have a consignor pass to enter the sale.  The building can become crowded and we are limited on the amount of space that is available for isles, exits and checking out.

Q. Are nursing infants excluded from the "No Children at Presales" rule?

A. Children under 12 years old are not allowed at the presales. Children 12 and over are allowed but they must have a consignor pass to enter the sale.  This is for safety precautions as well as in fairness to others. 

Q. Who prices the items I bring for consignment? 

A. You set your own prices.  They must be in whole $1.00 increments.  Please do not put .25 or .50 cent increments.  Those items priced incorrectly will not be accepted.   We do have a service that will price your items for you.  You will receive 45% of your sales if you choose to use our pricing service.

Q. How much time should I allow for drop-off?

A. It all depends on when you bring your items and how many items you bring.  We will inspect all the items.  If you wait till the last day you will probably have to wait longer than you would if you come on days 1 or 2.  A typical wait is around 30 minutes.  You can also schedule an appointment for drop off. Drop-off appointments are for anyone, but especially recommended for those with more than 75 items.

Q. When and where do I drop off my items?

A. You will drop off your items at the North Alabama State Fairgrounds in Muscle Shoals, AL.  You can go to our calendar to see a schedule for drop-off.

Q. Do you limit the number of any of the items that I may bring?

A. You can bring as many items as you wish but we do have a limit on certain items.  Shoes have a limit of 10 pairs.  Stuffed animals are limited to 6 and they must be current children's popular characters such as Barney, Elmo, Mickey Mouse, etc.  Maternity items also have a limit of 10 items or sets on hangers. Sizes Newborn thru 12 months are limited- We take 20 hangers per sex per size. Grab bag toys are limited to 10 bags and must be marked HC to be donated if they do not sell.

Q. Can I bring more items at a later date?

A. You can bring items during the scheduled drop off dates. There may be occasions when we allow consignors to stock more items during the sale, but we will send out a restocking email or post on social media regarding the dates and times.  

Q. When do I pick up my unsold items? 

A. Items need to be picked up on the Tuesday following the public sale or be donated after the sale.  See the calendar for times. 

Q. What if I can't make it during the pick-up time?

A. You may have someone else pick your items up, but we need to know at drop-off who will be picking your items up. Items not picked up will be donated to charity.

Q. Do I have to sort through the racks to find my unsold items? 

A. No, everything will be sorted in consignor number order.  Our volunteers will help you in getting your items

Q. How long does it take to receive my check? 

A. Your checks will be ready at pick-up!  See the calendar for pick-up dates.

Q. Will I know what items have sold? 

A. You will recieve the cards for the items that sold along with a printout with the sale price and quantity of items that sold at that price

Q. Where can I find safety pins, hangers and index cards? 

A. Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart and any “dollar” store will usually have all these items.   Most dry cleaners will sell their hangers.

Q. What items are you accepting? 

A. We accept anything related to babies, children or maternity. Boys and girls sizes preemie to size 20.  The clothing must be current season. Other great items are toys, books, videos, strollers, baby equipment, nursery items, large play equipment, bedding, cribs, changing tables, etc

Q. What about shoes?  

A. Yes, please bring only your best shoes. Shoes will sell if they are in great condition but they do not sell it they are showing wear.  Please zip tie shoes together or rubber band them if they don't have holes to zip tie.  There is a limit of 10 pairs of shoes.

Q. Do stuffed animal sell?

A. They do not sell very well but we do accept current children's popular characters such as Barney, Elmo, Mickey Mouse, etc.  Limit of 6

Volunteer Questions

Q. Can anyone sign up as a volunteer and attend the volunteer/worker presales? 

A. Yes, anyone may sign up to volunteer to work on a first come/first serve basis. You do not have to be a consignor to volunteer to work.  See our volunteer page for more information.

Q. Can I bring a guest to the worker presale? 

A. No, workers may not bring guests.  Each worker pass is good for one person to enter the presale. Please no children at our presales. 

Q. Can I volunteer to work even though I am pregnant? 

A. If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, you will need to let us know.  We can find you a job that does not require standing up. 

Q. What if I don't make it for my scheduled worker time?

A. You must let us know if you have conflicts.  There will be a charge if you come to the worker sale and do not work. 

Misc Questions

Q. Can I bring a stroller to the presale? 

A. No. Due to the number of people shopping at our sale, it is easier to bring a laundry basket to carry your bargains in (no non-see-through bags please).  Also, we reserve the right to inspect your basket/containers as you leave the building.